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OVERGantt Project Software

Combining Pull Planning in a Project Flow Diagram

A few of many OVERGantt Advantages

Project Flow 🚿 Diagrams Rock

See the future with 5x more info per page than a Gantt chart. Your crystal ball is waiting!

EndFirst Beats HeadFirst 🏆

Find and verify all your links with our integrated 'Pull Planning' process. Hello easy project!

Goodbye 🏋🏼 Summary Bars

Say hello to our gorgeous Summary View. It packs a big punch. You'll never go back!

Proven Virtual Planning

Covid-inspired virtual project planning takes things to a whole new level. Teams ❤️ it!

Data At Your Fingertips 🖖🏼

Say goodbye to that data table WAY over on the left. Access all your data in each task!

Learning Curve? Hah! 😂

Only 10 icons and modern touch control? You'll be up and planning in mere hours!


Creating a new plan in OVERGantt is an amazing experience. Our platform is purpose-built and meticulously designed, with decades of experience behind it. We've transformed the century-old Gantt chart into a dynamic, intuitive project flow diagram. Our 'end-first' planning process demystifies dependencies, delivering significantly better plans. With OVERGantt, you'll enjoy unparalleled clarity, identifying bottlenecks, prioritizing tasks, and streamlining your workflow. Say goodbye to outdated planning tools and welcome the future of project planning.

Get ready to pinch yourself!



Controlling complex projects is daunting, especially when using older-style Gantt charts.
Combining OVERGantt’s Deliverable Breakdown Structure with our project flow diagram transforms your Gantt chart plans. Suddenly, they’re easier to understand and update. But that's not all. OVERGantt's bench-testing feature called OVERProof, can identify dependency and cross-dependency errors and omissions. This enables your team to streamline your plan while the clear graphics allows them to identify scheduling and resource allocation improvements that aren’t readily apparent.

Take control of your existing project plans and make them more efficient and effective. See the difference OVERGantt can make in your projects. And when you’re finished, you can easily transfer the plan back to your legacy software.


Off the rails? Gone sideways? Whichever term you use, a failing project is not pretty.  The last thing you want are blown schedules, exploding budgets and withering deliverables. 

OVERGantt has something special for you. We’ve built the world’s first project restoration system for compromised project plans.

First we transform your plan into our modern project flow diagram. We run it through OVERProof to analyze which segments of the plan are ‘solid’ and which need repair. Next we OVERHaul the medium bottlenecks.

And finally, we guide your team through our Possibility Planning process. This risk analysis system creates and compares a range of 'what-if' scenarios. The goal is to obliterate those  project killing chokepoints as possible. 

This is not the time to start learning new software. Not even OVERGantt.

Enquire about our facilitation services. See our Tech Paper on Deepwater Titan.