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OVERGantt Help Videos

Our onboarding videos take you through the steps to becoming familiar with the OVERGantt software.
You can view the full playlist here, or visit the individual video listed below. 

  1. Your First Plan with OVERGantt - Get up and running in no time!
  2. File Management with OVERGantt - Quickly store your plan files like a pro!
  3. OVERGantt's Plan Page Layout - Take a walk on the Plan Page!
  4. OVERView - A project charter that'll make your team say "wow"!
  5. Deliverables - The key to unlock your planning superpowers in OVERGantt!
  6. Resources & Costs - Say goodbye to resource conflicts with our cool graphical tool!
  7. Planning Part 1 - Let's get this planning started!
  8. Planning Part 2 - Taking your planning skills to the next level!
  9. OVERLinks - Connecting the tasks in a Project Flow Diagram is a blast!
  10. Possibilities - Avoiding risks yes, but don't forget to embrace opportunities!
  11. Tracking and Reviews -  Keep track of your progress and celebrate your successes!