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The OVERGantt Process

Our five-step process simplifies project planning. Hello, easy plan!

One-stop Project Management

The tools and processes incorporated in OVERGantt have evolved over 50 years. This is a software application that is truly 'built for purpose'. Here are two published references that explain our approach in more detail:

"Making it Happen: A Non-Technical Guide to Project Management" by Mackenzie Kyle © 1999 

"How Big Things Get Done" by Bent Flyvbjerg and Dan Gardner © 2023

All too often, the tools for creating detailed project plans are scattered in various locations. OVERGantt integrates them into a single package with the ability to link to larger documents where necessary.

Here are the 5 key elements.

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1. Create the Overview

There are two immediate recommendations presented in 'How Big Things Get Done'.

"Think Slow, Act Fast' and 'Start with questions, not answers'

We've been doing this for over 30 years. OVERGantt follows this approach by integrating a  streamlined project charter we call OVERView. It starts with two questions:

  1. What is unsatisfactory or lacking about the current situation?
  2. What will be different or better upon completion?

With OVERView, your team and suppliers will have all the important references they need, embedded right in the plan. 

2. Design the Deliverables

There are two distinct types of plans in every project. 

  1. Create a design plan of what the deliverables will be or 'be like'.
  2. Create an execution plan to determine how those deliverable will be created, in the most efficient way possible within the available resource & budget.

The design must have enough detail decided and agreed upon before the execution plan is created. 

3. Create the Execution Plan

With consensus reached on the design, the execution plan is created. This is done with a team of SME's (subject matter experts) and can be done in-person and/or virtually. 
Note: OVERGantt incorporates several 'fail-safe' features, including the ability to help determine if there is a fault in the design. Finding this out during planning saves a lot of time & money.

4. Execute & Control the Plan

Once the plan and schedule are approved, the project ''building' begins. There is no such thing as a static plan. OVERGantt's unique 'Live Plan' is designed to be used on a regular basis at any job site. It effortlessly adapts to the many adjustments and corrections that all plans suffer from.

5. Evaluate the Project

And finally, OVERGantt incorporates an integrated 3 level review process that monitors the following:

  1. Acceptance - are the deliverables acceptable?
  2. Assessment - how well did the team perform?
  3. Evaluation - would the sponsor do this again?

Create, Control, Restore! 

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